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Road Safety Reports

Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website.

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Recent Road Safety Reports

AP R556 17 200px Understanding and Improving Safe System Intersection Performance

This report details a study which sought to improve understanding of the key factors in intersection severe injury crashes, and to develop initiatives to improve the design of intersections for better alignment with the Safe System objective of minimising death and serious injury.

cover image Safe System Infrastructure on Mixed Use Arterials

This report provides a synthesis of key safety solutions as well as issues that need to be considered when effectively addressing safety on urban mixed use arterial routes.

AP R515 16 200px Older Road Users: Emerging Trends

This report identifies trends in crash involvement amongst older road users (aged 75+).

AP R515 16 200px Infrastructure Improvements to Reduce Motorcycle Casualties

This report presents the technical findings of a two-year study which sought to identify effective infrastructure improvements to reduce motorcycle crash risk and crash severity, based on how riders perceive, respond and react to infrastructure they encounter.

AP R519 16 200px Guidance on Median and Centreline Treatments to Reduce Head-on Casualties

This report presents a compendium of local and overseas practice and experience in minimising the risk and severity of head-on crashes.

AP R518 16 200px Safe System Roads for Local Government

This report examines the safety performance of local government managed roads and identifies cost effective Safe System measures.

Austroads & Road Safety

The total cost of road crashes in 2011 is estimated at AUD$20.64 billion in Australia and NZD$3.54 billion in New Zealand.

On average, four people are killed and 90 are seriously injured every day on Australia's roads.

Almost everyone has, at some stage, been affected by a road crash.

The Austroads Safety Program aims to prevent death and serious injuries using a safe system approach.



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