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Guide to Road Tunnels
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Guide to Road Tunnels

The Austroads Guide to Road Tunnels provides high level guidance on the planning, design, operation and maintenance of new road tunnels in Australia and New Zealand.

The Guide is designed to be used by engineers and technical specialists in tunnel technology, proponents of road tunnel solutions, senior decision makers, and regulators in the various jurisdictions associated with the construction of tunnels.

The Guide to Road Tunnels is published in three parts:

Part 1: Introduction to Road Tunnels provides a comprehensive introduction to planning for road tunnels and describes important considerations relating to implementation, general planning, regulation, structural and geometric design, drainage, geology, the environment as well as operation, construction and maintenance.

Part 2: Planning, Design and Commissioning discusses all aspects of the planning, design and commissioning of road tunnels including structural and geotechnical requirements, fire and life safety, ventilation, lighting, traffic monitoring and control, plant monitoring and control, electrical power supply and the requirements for associated building structures.

Part 3: Operation and Maintenance provides guidance to those making decisions in the planning, design, operation and maintenance of new road tunnels in Australia and New Zealand.

The guide can be purchased as individual parts or as a set in hardcopy or PDF.

Australian and New Zealand road agencies and local councils

Austroads members can download PDF versions of the Guides for free. This includes all state and territory road agencies and local councils in Australia and New Zealand.

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