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Project Delivery Task Force Project delivery is the process road agencies use to realise or achieve a project's goal. The Project Delivery Task Force considers all aspects of project delivery. It has representatives from Australian and New Zealand road agencies and is responsible for: maintaining the Austroads Guide to Project Delivery coordinating…
The Austroads Guide to Project Delivery provides guidance to road agency personnel involved in the delivery of infrastructure projects.  It should be read in conjunction with the Austroads and Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Building and Construction Procurement Guide – Principles and Options and the relevant road agency’s own policies, guides and procedures.…
In 2014 Austroads and the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) released the Building and Construction Procurement Guide – Principles and Options The Guide has been custom-designed for use by Australian state and territory agencies engaged in civil (road and bridge) and non-residential building projects.  It outlines a process for the…
Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website. See All Project Delivery Reports Recent Project Delivery Reports Australia and New Zealand Roads Capability Analysis 2013-2023 This report provides a detailed outlook for road construction and maintenance activity, and its implications for workforce capability,…


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