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Planning & Evaluation Reports

Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website. 


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Recent Planning and Evaluation Reports

Cover Reforming Remote and Regional Road Funding in Australia

This report examines the current funding and financing arrangements for regional and remote roads in Australia and considers the implications of road funding reforms.

Cover Traffic Impact Estimation Tool for Small Intersection Projects: User Guide

This User Guide is a practical ‘how-to’ guide to using the Small Intersection Evaluation (SIE) Tool. The SIE Tool can also be downloaded from this page.

AP R522 16 200px Development of the Traffic Impact Estimation Tool for Small Intersection Projects

This report describes the development of an economic evaluation tool for small intersection projects (including signed intersections, roundabouts and signalised intersections) that can be used by practitioners working with basic traffic data to estimate road user cost impacts, primarily delay and fuel costs, as well as crash costs.

AP R438 15 cover 200px Social Costs of Road Crashes in Australia: The Case for Willingness-to-pay Values for Road Safety

This report provides a broad indication of the methodology, project components, expertise available and indicative costs required to produce a robust national willingness to pay (WTP) estimate of the social cost of Australian road crashes.

AP T285 14 Cover sm Updating Environmental Externalities Unit Values

This report updates the parameter values used to estimate environmental costs in the economic evaluation of Australian road projects. 



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