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The Evaluation and Planning Task Force has been superseded by the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Steering Committee, administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Contact ATAP Steering Committee Secretariat Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Guidelines Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development GPO Box 594 CANBERRA  ACT …
Austroads produces a range of transport planning and project evaluation publications including:   Guide to Project Evaluation Guide to Road Transport Planning planning and evaluation research reports Cities for Tomorrow.  
The Austroads Guide to Project Evaluation assembles knowledge on project evaluation methods, parameters and tools into a readily available and accessible resource for planners and decision-makers. The Guide provides advice to practitioners beyond the standard benefit-cost analysis (BCA) or multi-criteria analysis (MCA) evaluations, including project risk assessment, the national and regional…
The Austroads Guide to Road Transport Planning develops a map of jurisdictional road transport planning processes with particular focus at the road route and link level; and a best practice framework against which current road transport planning practice in Australasia may be assessed. This Guide examines: best practice principles (e.g.…
Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website.    See All Transport Planning Reports | See All Project Evaluation Reports Recent Planning and Evaluation Reports Reforming Remote and Regional Road Funding in Australia This report examines the current funding and financing arrangements for regional and…
The two-volumes of Cities for Tomorrow provide detailed guidance and resource material to assist practitioners in the integration of planning for land use, transport and the environment. More than 85 percent of the Australian population resides in its cities and towns. In Australian cities the reality is that vehicles dominate, public transport remains a poor cousin, pedestrians figure…


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