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Pavements Task Force The Austroads Pavements Task Force is the lead forum in Australia and New Zealand on road pavement technology. The Task Force is comprised of senior representatives from Austroads jurisdictions, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), and key industry stakeholders including AAPA, AustStab, CCAA and Roading NZ. The…
Austroads produces a range of pavement publications and resources including: Guide to Pavement Technology pavement technology research reports pavement work tips pavement test methods.  
Knowledge of pavement technology is of critical importance for Australian and New Zealand transport agencies. Austroads, state road authorities, local government and industry have amassed extensive knowledge related to pavement technologies and techniques. The Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology assembles this knowledge into an authoritative publication. It has been designed for practitionersand…
Austroads research and technical reports are available for free once you log-in to the Austroads publications website.  See All Pavement Technology Reports Recent Pavement Technology Reports National Performance-based Asphalt Specification Framework This report proposes a concept national performance-based asphalt mix design specification framework and a future research plan. Validation of Revised Austroads…
  Technical Note Number Description TN 1 Foamed Bitumen Sealing (Superseded by TN 15)Issued 01/03/1993 TN 2 Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) (Superseded by TN 16)Issued 01/08/1993 TN 3 Ultra Thin Asphalt Surfacings - NOVACHIP (Superseded by TN 8)Issued 01/05/1994 TN 4 Light Duty Non-Structural Asphalt Surfacing and OverlayIssued 01/07/1997 TN 5 Insitu Deep Lift…
The Austroads Test Methods primarily relate to bituminous materials and their applications. The test methods are published in a numerical series that relates to their subject matter. Aggregates, stabilised (000-099) Method No Title AGPT/T051 Average least dimension of aggregate by direct measurement (nominal size 10mm and greater)Issued 01/06/2005 | Version 1…
The Pavement Work Tips are produced jointly by the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) and the Austroads Asphalt Research Reference Group. These brief publications provide easy-to-digest information on various construction aspects and should be of assistance to all practitioners. There are currently more than 50 Pavement Work Tips. A linked…


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