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Guide to Bridge Technology
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Guide to Bridge Technology

The Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology provides bridge owners and agencies with advice on bridge ownership, design procurement, vehicle and pedestrian accessibility and bridge maintenance and management practices. 

The Guide to Bridge Technology has seven parts:

Part 1: Introduction and Bridge Performance includes factors affecting bridge performance, the relationship to the bridge design standards, and an exploration of the evolution of bridges and bridge loadings

Part 2: Materials covers all aspects of common building materials including concrete, metallic and non-metallic materials, and timber. 

Part 3: Typical Superstructures, Substructures and Components discusses specific requirements bridge designers need to address such as transporting goods and services, developing flood free routes, navigational clearances, longer spans, construction methods to reduce costs and reduced construction times.

Part 4: Design Procurement and Concept Design provides guidance about effectively specifying and scoping contractual requirements for bridge design parameters. 

Part 5: Structural Drafting sets out the principles involved in the presentation of bridge structural drawings.

Part 6: Bridge Construction covers the range of site activity likely when constructing small to medium road and pedestrian bridges with spans up to 40 metres. 

Part 7: Maintenance and Management of Existing Bridges discusses the structural management and maintenance of existing bridges in practical technical terms.

Part 8: Hydraulic Design of Waterway Structures covers issues related to the waterway design of bridges.

Each part of the Guide can be purchased separately or all parts can be purchased as a set in hardcopy or PDF

Australian and New Zealand road agencies and local councils

Austroads members can download PDF versions of the Guides for free. This includes all state and territory road agencies and local councils in Australia and New Zealand.

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