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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Panel going to issue a template for product manuals?

The Panel will not be developing a template.  However, the Panel will consider advising industry as to the minimum requirements for inclusion in product manuals.

When will the Panel will publish its MASH position?

The Panel will consult with industry regarding MASH and hopes to have a firm position with timeframes by the end of 2017.

Does the Panel consider modelling?

Modelling is currently considered as supporting evidence but is not accepted as a replacement for crash testing.  Models provide an indication whereas crash testing provides actual data.

If a product submits some MASH testing and some other protocol testing, is that accepted?

ASBAP uses the testing outlined in AS/NZS 3845.

What is the Panel’s position regarding ‘Gawk Screens’?

AS/NZS 3845 advises that screens are not to be attached to barriers without a case by case risk assessment.

How does the Panel ensure information provided by the proponent and test laboratories is accurate?

The Panel believes that if the testing laboratory is part of the ILAC that they are certified to provide accurate and correct information.  The Panel does not maintain a list of accredited test laboratories.

MASH 2009 is outlined in AS/NZS 3845, will the Standard updated to MASH 2016?

When the AS/NZS 3845 is updated it will reflect the current MASH protocol.

What is the Panel’s stance on products being used that are not manufactured to Standard?

The Panel expects products to conform to AS/NZS 3845.  However if a jurisdiction wants to deploy a product that has not been assessed by the Panel, the jurisdiction will undertake its own risk assessment.  This however is not in line with the product harmonisation goals of the Panel.


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