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Assessment of Applications
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Assessment of Applications

Agencies will assess applications for prequalification to determine the Applicant’s capability to undertake contracts in the nominated category and an appropriate financial level.

Internal and external assessors may be used.

Assessment will be based on:

  • information contained in the completed application and attached supporting documentation
  • referee reports
  • documented evidence held by the agency regarding the applicant’s previous performance
  • information submitted in a previous prequalification application (where appropriate)
  • information obtained by other participating agencies or government agencies regarding the applicant’s previous performance
  • any other valid information relevant to the application, notwithstanding that the information has not been submitted by the applicant.


Agencies will advise applicants in writing of the outcome of their assessment.

Notifications will include, where warranted, any specific limitations or conditions applicable to the allocated prequalification category.

Applicants that are not satisfied with the outcome of the assessment may lodge a request for a review or appeal.


Updated: 9 August 2017


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