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Long-term pavement monitoring continues to shape performance knowledge
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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Long-term pavement monitoring continues to shape performance knowledge

Austroads has released a summary of the long-term pavement performance (LTPP) monitoring project activities undertaken in 2016–17.

An Austroads project (AT1064) has monitored the long-term structural and functional performance of a number of sealed granular, asphalt and concrete pavement sections under different climate and traffic loading regimes since 1995.

In 1999 additional sites, known as the long-term pavement performance maintenance (LTPPM) sites, were set up as part of the study to focus on the effects of maintenance on pavement performance.

Data collected from all LTPP and LTPPM sites is stored in a single database, which is updated annually. The LTPP/LTPPM data has been used as an input to a number of related Austroads studies in the asset management and pavement areas.

The report presents a summary of the LTPP/LTPPM current conditions and historical performance trends over the entire monitoring period and a brief summary of results of a survey on future directions of the project.

The activities undertaken in 2016–17 include the:

  • monitoring of most active LTPP and LTPPM (LTPP for maintenance) sites in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania – 14 out of 19 LTPP and 5 of 6 LTPPM sites were fully surveyed (with both functional and structural condition data collected) and 1 LTPP site was partially surveyed (i.e. without the strength test).
  • preparation of ‘Future directions paper’ report summarising the opinions of respondents through a questionnaire survey. Respondents included members of the Project Steering Group and Assets Task Force and other representatives of road agencies in Australia and New Zealand.


Report link: Austroads LTPP/LTPPM Study - Summary Report 2016–17

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