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Webinar: Local Road Access for High Productivity Freight Vehicles

  • Start Date:  Tuesday, 27 March 2018
  • Location:  Online, 1pm AEDT
  • Organiser:  Austroads
Local road managers face unique challenges when assessing roads for access by High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs), such as those approved under the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme.  Whether perceived or actual, these challenges are impeding Australia’s progression towards safer and more efficient road freight transport. This webinar will outline…

Webinar: Geopolymer Concrete and its Applications

  • Start Date:  Tuesday, 01 May 2018
  • Location:  Online, 12pm AEST
  • Organiser:  Austroads
In 2017, Austroads completed a four-year research project to provide a base for the use of geopolymer concrete in structural and non-structural applications. The project consisted of a review of literature and experimental work. Geopolymer binders are produced by alkali-activation of a number of aluminosilicate precursors, including low-calcium fly ash…

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