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Connected and Automated Vehicles Publications

Austroads has produced a range of reports that are relevant to both Cooperative ITS and Automated Vehicles.

Report cover Safety Benefits of Cooperative ITS and Automated Driving in Australia and New Zealand

This report identifies emerging Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and Automated Driving applications and assesses their potential safety benefits for Australia and New Zealand.

AP C101 17 200px Guidelines for Trials of Automated Vehicles in Australia

These guidelines, published by the National Transport Commission and Austroads, provide a flexible framework to encourage innovation and ensure safety when testing automated vehicle technology on Australian public roads.

AP R543 17 200px Assessment of Key Road Operator Actions to Support Automated Vehicles

This report investigates the potential changes needed to the way road networks are managed to consistently support and optimise the outcomes from the introduction of automated vehicles. Watch the webinar.

Report cover Registration, Licensing and CTP Insurance Issues Associated with Automated Vehicles

This report considers the potential impacts on vehicle registration, driver licensing and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance arrangements that might arise from the introduction of automated vehicles (AVs) in Australia and New Zealand.

AP C100 17 Cover 200px Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) data messages

This document provides a high level Privacy Impact Assessment for the Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) data messaging

AP R479 15 200px Concept of Operations for C-ITS Core Functions

This document defines the core functions of the C-ITS platform including their objectives and capabilities. It identifies user needs and describes how the system will operate.

AP R474 15 cover Cooperative ITS Standards Assessment

This report documents the outcomes of an assessment of the emerging C-ITS standards and may be used to provide an understanding of the standards and provide guidance for determining which standards should be adopted locally.

AP R458 14 200px C-ITS Interoperability with Existing ITS Infrastructure

This report defines how emerging C-ITS will integrate with existing ITS currently being operated by Austroads member road agencies. 

AP R432 13 200px Emerging Digital Mapping Requirements for C-ITS

This report focuses on the emerging mapping requirements for C-ITS applications, and provides a recommended strategic approach to prepare for these emerging requirements, in line with the overall C-ITS Strategic Plan.

AP R431 13 200px Vehicle Positioning for C-ITS in Australia (Background Document)

This report discusses what is required for Australia to ready itself to be a fast adopter of C-ITS platforms and applications being researched and developed internationally. 

AP R430 13 200px 5.9 GHz Satellite Interference Study – Field Study

This report discusses an investigation undertaken to determine the level of interfering signals from 5.9 GHz uplink transmissions of fixed satellite service antennas in order to predict the potential level of impact of these transmissions on C-ITS devices and applications utilising the 5.9 GHz band (5.9 ITS).

AP R414 12 200px

C-ITS 5.9 GHz Spectrum Management and Device Licensing Regime Report

This report is a background document that discusses the C-ITS 5.9 GHz spectrum management and device licensing regime required to deliver the proposed C-ITS applications that are being developed internationally and will require use of the proposed 5.9 GHz radio spectrum segment located between 5.850 and 5.925 GHz.

AP R413 12 200px Cooperative ITS Strategic Plan

The C-ITS Strategic Plan identifies tasks to be undertaken to prepare Australia for C-ITS equipped vehicles. Tasks span six key areas: policy requirements; international and national engagement; technical requirements; platform deployment requirements; trials and demonstrations; and marketing and communications.

AP R383 11 200px Examination of Major Policy Issues Relating to the Introduction of C-ITS in Australia

This report identifies and examines the main policy issues of crossjurisdictional scope involved with the introduction and roll-out of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (cooperative ITS) in Australia. It discusses these under two hypothetical scenarios – a market-driven and a policy-driven approach – recognising that the preferred approach is likely to be a combination of both.

AP R382 11 200px DSRC Interoperability Study

After an introduction to ITS and the wireless communication requirements for different ITS applications, this report summarises the overseas radiocommunications regulatory arrangements supporting 5.9 ITS and describes the technical and system requirements for On Board Units (OBU) and Road Side Units (RSU) of 5.9 ITS.

AP R375 11 200px Evaluation of the Potential Safety Benefits of Collision Avoidance Technologies through DSRC in Australia

This report aims to estimate the potential reductions in serious casualties in Australia from widespread adoption of DSRC-based technologies.


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